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Univar’s comprehensive personal care product offering provides us a complete, global perspective on formulation and trends ― our practical understanding of personal care ingredients goes beyond any one manufacturer or product line. We are in the business of connecting our customers with the products, technologies, and information they need to be successful.

Univar's Anti-Aging Ingredients

Today's consumer is actively seeking a more youthful appearance, with a preference for multifunctional personal care products that can address multiple signs of skin aging: wrinkles, uneven tone, hyperpigmentation, dryness, and sun damage. As a result, the global skincare market has reached almost one trillion USD in annual sales, and the US market is poised for double-digit growth. Univar's technical specialists offer the formulation expertise and ingredient portfolio you need to meet the demand presented by this rapidly growing market segment.

Our dedicated personal care lab team has produced five multifunctional anti-aging prototype formulations:

Age-defying hair shine
An enhanced shine and luster treatment for hair that dulls with age. Performance ingredients impart long-lasting shine, heat and color protection, and increased hair strength.

Anti-aging primer
Reduces TEWL though a cold-processable silicone elastomer with the ability to incorporate water and polar materials.

Anti-aging serum
An anti-inflammatory serum with ingredients providing skin cell renewal and repair properties.

Rejuvenating eye cream
Offering retention of endogenous hyaluronic acid and an increase in the skin's NMF, while decreasing redness and providing natural antioxidant activity.

Wrinkle-masking lotion
Natural moisturization in a water-based, elastomeric suspension.