Food Ingredients

Univar USA Food Ingredients

In the food industry, trends drive new product development. Univar connects its customers to the portfolio of performance ingredients and the technical expertise to meet those trends.

Today’s consumer seeks healthier, label-friendly choices — reduced sodium and fat, calcium and vitamin fortification, gluten-free options — but expects no reduction in taste and mouthfeel.

Univar can show you how to exceed consumer expectations by using functional ingredients. Lower sodium content by replacing SAPP- and SAS-based leavening systems. Reduce cream and butter in sauces. Preserve freshness in unsaturated oils with natural antioxidants. Maintain viscosity and dough strength in gluten-free bakery products.

We offer you unparalleled access to industry trend data, innovative ingredients from the world’s premier manufacturers, and innovative strategies to help you bring successful products to market.