Speciality Chemicals

Univar cares about customers’ specific process needs, delivering a large and comprehensive speciality product portfolio to many industries: Coatings & Adhesives, Food Ingredients, Oil & Gas, and Personal Care.

Univar provides more than just products. We understand what is important to our customers and strive to help you develop truly innovative products and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace though our on-going application development in our specialised coatings, personal care, and food R&D laboratory facilities. Our dedicated industry experts provide formulation advice and work with you to identify the best solutions to specific product development issues.

Thanks to our global network of laboratories, technical expertise, and shared best practice, Univar is able to offer our partners in the sector access to the latest products and innovative concepts from around the world.

By providing a fully integrated solution in each industry we can rapidly and knowledgably respond to any industry customer’s chemical or ingredient needs.