Univar are committed to safety and sustainability through our business as well as providing our customers with optimum solutions. For more than 20 years, Univar have worked with SAFECHEM to offer not just high quality products, but also a complete service offering giving customers confidence and security in a highly regulated industry sector.

Through the development of an innovative closed-loop system, SAFECHEM enables the safe and sustainable use of solvents which are essential in meeting the high-quality demands of today’s surface cleaning sector. As a result, the product-specific risks associated with these products are controlled.

The SAFE-TAINER™ system and associated service elements provide quality-oriented, legally compliant and economical cleaning, in addition to a very high level of process safety for the user.

The complete SAFE-TAINER™ solution offers:

  • The SAFE-TAINER™ system for safer working environment due to the innovative fully closed-loop system
  • Easy dry break connections which means less manual handling
  • Environmental and road, rail and sea transport regulation compliance
  • Ability to test and top up stabiliser levels, reducing solvent usage
  • Non-Chlorinated options available
  • CHEMAWARE™ lab services for process optimization
  • CHEMAWARE™ training to inform of safe and sustainable cleaning processes


Trichloroethylene REACH Authorisation (NEU-TRI™) Important Information

Univar and SAFECHEM Europe GmbH are working hard to ensure that our customers have sound information and effective solutions whatever the outcome of the application for Authorisation under REACH for Trichloroethylene.

If the Authorisation is successful, then some customers may still be able to utilise Trichloroethylene in their process if they are able to comply with the conditions of Authorisation.

Please see the links below for further information, or contact alan.heritage@univar.com.

Trichloroethylene FAQ update - May 2015

Trichloroethylene REACH Authorisation