Personal Care

Personal Care

Personal Care is a core market segment for Univar and our Personal Care industry business offers customers and suppliers global reach and unprecedented formulation expertise, delivered via our network of technical development specialists. Our extensive sales and logistics capabilities give us an industry-leading position in terms of market penetration while our sales force provides focused, reliable and quality customer relations, whether you’re based in Warsaw, Istanbul or at the heart of Personal Care in Paris.

Univar’s comprehensive personal care portfolio and international operations network gives us a complete, global perspective on product, customer and formulation trends; our practical understanding of personal care ingredients goes beyond any one manufacturer or product line. We connect our customers with the products, technologies and information they need to be successful.

Our dedicated personal care laboratory serves the personal care industry across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Here, our technical development specialists formulate new concept prototypes and develop technology- and ingredient-based solutions to meet your challenges.

This industry-focused approach provides significant benefits for ingredient suppliers; we speak your language and enable you to simplify and optimise your EMEA distribution strategy to a new level.

We help our customers ensure their products meet the latest trends driving today’s markets, and our vantage point offers us a unique insight into tomorrow’s trend landscape too.

Whether you are experimenting with green, natural or sulphate-free formulation for the first time, looking for information on implementing sustainable processes, or trying to understand how innovative new products and proven standbys can work together to help you meet market trends, Univar can partner with you every step of the way. We offer you expertise at every stage of product development, from concept and formulation to regulatory, commercialisation and marketing.

Please email personal.care@univar.com with your Personal Care enquiries and one of our dedicated team members will get back to you shortly.