Safety & Sustainability

Commitment to Safety and Sustainability

Commitment to Safety and Sustainability

Univar Canada has created a public consultation program as part of the corporate commitment to safety and sustainability. As a proud member of Responsible Distribution Canada, safety is our first priority as both the starting point and foundation for all aspects of our global business operations. Safe transport and storage of products, safe operational practices and safe working conditions enable us to protect our neighbours, employees, customers, suppliers and the environment.

Information on each facility is available through the site links provided below. Inquiries and questions may also be addressed via email at E2.info@univar.com.

North Vancouver Distribution Center, British Columbia

Weston, Ontario

Valleyfield, Quebec

Univar Canada has a robust emergency management program to ensure safe storage and handling of our products. The program addresses all potential stages of emergency management (preparedness, training, mitigation, response and recovery) and consists of the following initiatives:


Univar Canada prepared for the unlikely event of an emergency by the development of an Environmental Emergency (E2) Plan, compliant with the Environmental Emergency Regulations (CEPA 200).

The operating systems at Univar Canada sites have been engineered to reduce the likelihood of spills and to minimize their impact in the improbable event that a spill occurs. Engineering controls comprise of secondary containment, vapour scrubbers and automatic and emergency shutdown systems. 


Safe operations training is conducted for chemical operators involved in the loading, unloading and blending of site chemicals. This robust training program is part of ensuring safe site operations.

Internal spill response training has been completed for employees that may respond to a spill. Local first responders have access to the emergency plan through Environment Canada and have been involved in site tours and familiarization of potential incidents.

Univar Canada has trained on-call technical advisors as part of our Transportation Emergency Response Program. These individuals are available as a resource to assist with public communications in the event of an emergency. Technical advisors have been selected from locations throughout Canada and are trained to assist municipal first responders in the event of an incident in order to ensure public safety and minimal off site impact.


Spill kits are located throughout the sites for internal response in the event of a spill. Spill kits allow for quick clean up containment of liquid in the unlikely event of a spill.


Internal responders have been trained to complete spill response actions in the event of an incident at the site. Internal responders have also been trained on how best to assist contractors and municipal first responders should external resources be required.

A contract for emergency response is in place between Univar Canada and Dangerous Goods response service provider In the unlikely event of an incident beyond the capabilities of our internal response teams, the DG response service provider will be called upon to assist.


Univar Canada will work with established contracts to assist impacted neighbors and complete site recovery.