Innovative Services

Innovative Services

We continuously refine our distribution business model to provide our suppliers and customers with the highest level of service, reliability, and timeliness of deliveries while offering cost-competitive products. We have several channels to market, including warehouse delivery, direct-to-consumer delivery, and ChemPoint, our web-based distributor of specialty chemicals.    

Our ChemCare waste management service collects both hazardous and non-hazardous waste products at customer locations in the United States and Canada, and then works with select partners in the waste disposal business to safely transport these materials to licensed third-party treatment, storage and disposal facilities. 

ChemPoint is our unique, web-based distribution platform for specialty chemicals. ChemPoint primarily focuses on customers who need small quantities of specialty chemicals that would not be cost effective to deliver through traditional warehouse or direct distribution channels.

Fort Storage

Fort Storage Warehousing and Distribution is a leading provider of industrial warehousing, logistics and distribution services for clients in a variety of industries, including agribusiness, chemicals, manufacturing, mining and forestry, aerospace and construction. Fort Storage is a full-service industrial warehousing solution, delivering 99.7% inventory accuracy from heated, modern, secure, and technologically advanced facilities across Canada.

Global Supply Chain & Export Services

Large-volume buying power gives Univar the advantage when procuring products, and we offer you cost savings through reliable packaging, warehousing, container consolidation, and volume freight agreements. Learn more about Univar's Global Supply Chain & Export Services.   

Magnablend is a custom chemical blending, manufacturing and packaging company committed to customer service excellence. Magnablend manufactures custom chemicals for a variety of industries, including: oil field, agriculture, pet food and feed supplements, water treatment, construction and industrial cleaning.   

Univar's Mini-Bulk is a complete storage and delivery system that improves plant safety and productivity. Mini-Bulk minimizes employee exposure to hazardous materials — your products are delivered by trained Univar specialists whose first priority is safety. Double containment prevents uncontained spills and protects the environment: Mini-Bulk is a green, earth-friendly storage solution.