Personal Care

Personal Care

Our industry specialists work with customer labs to formulate new product innovations in personal care.

Personal Care

Univar represents an extensive portfolio of Personal Care ingredients from the world's premier personal care ingredient manufacturers, but we’re also poised to help our customers solve everyday challenges.

Our team of technical professionals establishes consultative partnerships in research and development with our customers, providing expertise throughout the product development process, from concept through production and commercialization.

Our unparalleled customer service is designed with our customers' success in mind. Our offerings include an array of cutting-edge starting formulations, regulatory advice and assistance, and the knowledge and experience to help our customers resolve the complex issues that often arise in personal care applications.

Univar's personal care product portfolio highlights natural and sulfate-free ingredients, and includes these categories:

  • Actives
  • Botanical extracts
  • Conditioners
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Emollients
  • Emulsifiers
  • Essential oils
  • Foam boosters
  • Mild cleansers
  • Natural & naturally derived products
  • Performance pigments
  • Petrolatum & mineral oil
  • Polymers
  • Preservatives
  • Quaternary compounds
  • Rheology modifiers
  • Silicones
  • Solvents
  • Styling products
  • Sulfate-free solutions
  • Sunscreen actives
  • Surfactants

Delivering Success

Delivering Effective Solutions

A company was having trouble formulating a natural antibacterial liquid hand soap. During production, the soap's ingredients would separate out from one another, which was not acceptable to the manufacturer. Univar's personal care team understands the challenges associated with formulating natural products. The company suspected that the rheology modifier in the formulation was causing the problem, but after review of the formula, their Univar personal care product development manager found that the company was using a natural surfactant that was incompatible with its natural fragrance. The product was reformulated with a new surfactant, solving the separation issue so our customer could begin commercial production of their liquid soap.

Technical Expertise

A hair care customer had a product in development, and they were looking for an ingredient that would provide a crystal-clear formulation with good hold. Univar's personal care team met with the company and provided samples, formulation and process recommendations and detailed follow-up. With the assistance of the Univar personal care team, the hair care manufacturer was able to successfully create a product that met the needs of its market.