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Through our Components and Systems Home Business Units, we present innovative solutions.


Working in distribution, we work with the best brands and products for the polyurethane market. We have quality, high reliability, origin products, and we have a differentiated technical support ready to meet our customer’s needs.


• Hot Melt Glue
• Catalysts
• Dyes
• Methylene Chloride
• High Performance Elastomers
• Conventional Polyols
• Special Polyols
• Polymeric Polyols
• Silicone Surfactants
• Ecological Solvents/Expanding Agents


• Footwear
• Furniture
• Mining
• Technical foams
• Mattresses and Upholstery
• Pillows
• Polyurethanes Formulations
• High Performance Technical Parts

Systems House

Working in the manufacture of Polyurethane Formulation Systems, we have the best solutions for the current market demands. We formulate and manufacture quality and reliable products with the best technical support to guide and identify our customer’s needs.


•Rigid Foams (Injection, Block, Structural and Spray)
•Molded Flexible Foams
•Semi rigid Foams
•Integral Skin Foams
•Packaging foams
•Agglomerated Glue
•Special Additives
•Special Solvents



• Mattresses and Upholstery
• Pillows
• Furniture
• Technical foams

Energy Efficiency

•Solar heaters
•Repairs and works
•Tiles and panels
•Commercial refrigeration
•Thermal Bottles
•Refrigerated Trucks
•Construction and waterproofing
•Milk tanks and coolers
•Air conditioning


•Technical parts
•Sports and leisure
•Engineering and resale

This website uses cookies to make your browsing experience more efficient and enjoyable

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